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Driveway have cracks?
If you have cracks in your concrete driveway, you have movement, which means you need a coating system that can flex with your property.

Most coatings systems are designed for a stable surface, and will crack, check and split under movement. MARBLELIFE® Enduracrete Deck-a-Flextm is specifically engineered to manage movement applications.

With Deck-A-Flex MARBLELIFE Enduracrete can restore a clean, quality, crack-free, cared-for appearance to your driveway. Turn your boring ugly concrete driveway into a showstopper that accents your home beautifully!

Explore what MARBLELIFE Enduracrete can do you for your concrete driveway.
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Services Specifically for DRIVEWAY


ENDURACHIP coatings finishes off your concrete floor with a durable, slip resistant, non-dusting surface. Durable enough to manage your cars entrance and exit. If you have unsightly cracks and spalding surfaces, holes and pock marks, MARBLELIFE ENDURACRETE can not just repair them but provide you a clean beautiful look making your concrete floor the envy of the neighborhood.

A bare concrete floor looks fine, until you see what it could and should look like. Then you realize it’s just not finished yet. Enhance your home value with ENDURACHIP coatings.

Concrete Color Staining

Concrete colors and finishes abound! Concrete colored concrete is now passe, boring and unimaginative. Check-out what is happening and what can be done with your concrete surfaces. Concrete used to be what we put our real floor on.

Decorative Concrete Overlays

EnduraCrete®'s decorative concrete overlay systems are designed as the ultimate cover up for unsightly, dull concrete. What begun as covering the ugly, today is adding beauty, differentiation and character.

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Want to turn your basement into a social space?

MARBLELIFE’s® Enduracrete® concrete floor coatings, stains and polishing services provide you the options you need to transform your plain concrete basement floor into bonus space for your home.


Need to create some curb appeal with your driveway?

MARBLELIFE’s® Enduracrete® concrete coatings, Deck-A-Flex, Kool-Crete, concrete stains and overlayment services provide you the options you need to up the curb appeal of your driveway!


Thinking about a man cave for your car?

MARBLELIFE’s® Enduracrete® concrete floor coatings, stains and polishing services provide you the options you need to turn your dusty old gray garage floor from a snooze into a showstopper.